Dr. Androulakis - Undergraduate Advising on Graduate School

Hello all. Dr. Androulakis provided advice for those who are planning to obtain a PhD in Graduate school, including application tips, statistics on acceptance rate, and important mindsets one must have for graduate school.

We are also having our last project meeting for the fall semester on 12/07 from 7-8 pm. We have begun compiling and running a C++ sample code called hello-myo.cpp that came with the Myo SDK. Unfortunately, we did not know how to run a C++ script on Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. However, we were able to run it on Xcode. For this next meeting, please be able to run hello-myo.cpp on Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. Some basic examples of compiling and running C++ code in Visual Studio can easily be found on Microsoft's website. For example, here. The Myo SDK Manual can be found here.

Hope to see you all at the last meeting for the fall semester.

Bryan Kwok, Webmaster