About Us

The Rutgers University Bioengineering Society is a student organization dedicated to cultivating interest in all areas of bioengineering (biomedical, biochemical, biomaterials, bioenvironmental, etc.) while focusing on the inherently interdisciplinary nature of the discipline. Our goal is to expose our members to the wide diversity of topics under the umbrella of bioengineering, allowing students to discover new interests.

Meetings include:

  • Faculty speakers
  • MATLAB-based modeling projects
  • Outreach events for middle/high school students
  • Literature discussions
  • And more!

Keep an eye on our Upcoming Events page to stay up-to-date on when we're having meetings.

If you're interested in joining our email list or finding out more about our organization, email rubes.nb@gmail.com. Also be sure to like our facebook page.

We're always looking to collaborate with other societies for any sort of STEM-based outreach, so please email rubes.nb@gmail.com or the current president if you're seeking collaborators.