Myo Armband Project Meeting (11/16)

Hello all, We covered a few important topics during our first official project meeting. The main goal of our project is to use data from the Myo armband to control a device. The most important development during this meeting is that the project group will be splitting into multiple subcommittees (listed below) focusing on important aspects that need to be completed in order to accomplish the final goal of the project. If you'd like to be part of a given subcommittee, please contact the respective subcommittee leads (which will be listed on the website, under the Executive Board tab, at a later date). You can also attend any of our project meetings and decide on what subcommittee interests you from that point.



Data Acquisition: This team will focus on interfacing with the Myo armband itself, learning how to actually obtain raw electromyographic data.

Feature Extraction: This team will focus on interpreting the raw EMG data, applying filters or other digital signal processing techniques to obtain meaningful features from the raw data.

Device Creation: This team will develop and implement a plan for constructing a device which takes inputs from the processed EMG data. For example, using an arduino to pass data to mechanical components which grasp when the user does a grasping motion with their hand.