Dr. Joseph Freeman - Strategies in Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering

Hello all. Dr. Joseph Freeman presented his research on bone and skeletal muscle regeneration today.

In our next general meeting, we have Dr. Charles Roth present his career journey from Chemical Engineering to Biochemical Engineering to BME to Nanotechnology. We are having our first, official project meeting on 11/16 from 8-9 pm, right after our general meeting. We will finally start working with the Myo Armband and the computer programs downloaded 4 weeks ago. If you still need to download the free software, here are the links:

Myo Armband software at this URL: https://developer.thalmic.com/downloads. Please download both the Myo Connect and SDK. Also, please download Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/download-visual-studio-vs) if you are using Windows and X-Code (search on App Store) if you are using a Mac. Hope to see you all there.

Bryan Kwok, Webmaster